Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday 7.27 and Wednesday 7.28

I stayed over at my parents' house on Tuesday night, so I only have my OOTD for Tuesday. Now I'm usually a very positive self-worth kinda person, however all I saw in this picture are things I would change! Like I would have tucked in my shirt, worn different pants, wear heels, etc. However then I remember. The theme of this outfit was comfort. Now I know Stacy and Clinton HATE that word, but I was still feeling a bit under the weather. All I want is comfort!

Today, I wore everyone's favorite--the ruffled multi-colored top! I still get comments when I wear it to work. A sure winner :)

Tonight, I've been doing exciting things, like figuring out how to take better self-portraits! As you know, I take my pics before I go to work. J is usually at the gym during this time. I did find our tripod and while my camera doesn't slide into it, it does balance on it. So we'll see!

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  1. Oh I think you look adorable in this outfit! Love the colors and the untucked shirt! We are so much harder on ourselves than anyone else is on us. I am totally the same way- picking apart every photo.