Sunday, October 21, 2012

Date Night Outfit: AKA Ideas better than reality

Just last week, I blogged about potential date night outfits. I knew we had a date night on the horizon, so I thought, "Hey, I'll be proactive and plan my outfit in advanced." However, when it came time to put the look together, I realized that it just was not going to work.

For a refresher, here is the Polyvore board of my outfit.

Date Night

Date Night by natylite78 featuring a paisley shawl

Outfit #1 felt way too springtime for me, primarily due to the earrings and the clutch. It was also a tad chilly so I needed to cover my arms.

Outfit #2 mostly worked with the exception of the scarf. Because I needed to wear a cardigan, the scarf plus any cardigans that would have matched looked too heavy. Plus, since it was date night, I felt a little decolletage would be appreciated by J. 

So, I wore quite a few elements from Outfit #2 and added a long necklace and animal print cardigan.

Dress: Navy blue wrap dress, Old Navy
Cardigan: Talbots, consigned
Necklace: Consigned
Earrings: Stella & Dot
Shoes: Tory Burch

I had been searching for a navy blue wrap dress. Thanks to Angela at Diary of a Domestic Failure (whose OOTD pics are my FAVORITE on Instagram), who found this dress for me! It is almost perfect, with the exception of two things. #1: It needs to be hemmed. I'm only 5'2 so this is pretty normal. #2: I needed to safety pin in two places to make sure I didn't have a wardrobe malfunction during dinner. Otherwise, you cannot beat this price and I do love it still.

By the way, I've been killing it at one consignment store lately. My latest finds are currently at the dry cleaners, but I look forward to showing you my finds soon. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably have seen and helped convince me to purchase. Conveniently located near my in-laws, I can drop Jack off and shop alone. Mommies need their alone time, yes?


  1. That is why I can love & hate Polyvore. I really have to see and feel everything together on my body before I know if I like the pieces together. But it is nice to get some ideas--good for you for making it work!

  2. well I think you look gorgeous mama! much better than I did just a few weeks after C. I love the bit about cleavage, haha!