Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars AND Pumpkin Butterscotch Blondies

For this week's Project Pinterest Hey, That's Pin-tastic!, hosted by the fab AP at I Love You More Than Carrots, I actually have two recipes to share! Since we are still in October, I've been using pumpkin in all of my baking projects. 

The first recipe is for Pumpkin Cream Cheese Squares
Source: via natylite78 on Pinterest

I followed this recipe to the tee. I did have to buy the cream cheese, but otherwise, I had all of the ingredients.  My only issue is that I'm a bad "swirler"! They came out creamy and full of pumpkin spice. 

My second recipe was for Pumpkin Butterscotch Blondies. 

I love blondies. I was looking for something denser than cake. Otherwise, this would be too similar to the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars (in my opinion anyways). The comments stated the original recipe was too cakey, so they recommended doubling the egg amount from 1 to 2. 

While delicious, they were still too cakey for my taste. After consulting with my sister (Pastry Chef extraordinaire) and looking at Martha Stewart's blondie recipes, we determined that the baking soda was the culprit. I plan to try this recipe again and omitting the baking soda.

                  I asked J which recipe from Project Pinterest has been his favorite. The Pumpkin Butterscotch Blondies were, in his words, ridiculous. I usually send the goodies with him to work. The Blondies were the first one that people actually asked J for the recipe. 

Hopefully, one or both of these recipes are enticing enough for you to try!


  1. Pumpkin & Cream Cheese sounds delectable together :) I'm pinning it for the NEAR future!!

  2. Yum! I pretty much love anything pumpkin flavored. I will be pinning these for future use.

  3. ummmm, yum. Definitely pinning!

  4. i LOVE that you are a BAKING MACHINE, woman! And those Pumpkin Cream Cheese swirly things look INCREDIBLE!! I have to try those! Thanks so much for linking up!!