Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What to Wear Where: Date Night

I'm linking up with I Pick Pretty for What To Wear Where? Date Night edition. J and I actually had a date night a few weeks ago. I blogged about it here and even included an outfit pic!
However, I wanted to use this week's theme as an opportunity to put another look together. I have to be "always prepared" for that next date night!

I decided to do two different looks with the same dress, recently purchased from Old Navy.

Date Night

Date Night by natylite78 featuring a paisley shawl

I am looking forward to seeing other date night looks! 


  1. this is simply adorable! the wrap dress is just so versatile, it is perfect!

    phiphi's blog

  2. Great all-around look; I particularly like that necklace to the left, but it's all classic.

  3. Love the look! Especially the jewelry!