Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Impulse Shopping?

I wish I could say I was one of those shoppers who carries around a list of "fashion needs", thus avoiding having a wardrobe of separates rather than outfits. While I love list making, I like being a little carefree and dare I say, "predatory hunter" when I shop. I like to discover things that I never knew I wanted. However, I have had to curb this as I end up doing a lot of "buy and return"/

Just today, I was in Target and in the clothing section. I had received an in-store coupon for $5 off a $15 Merona purchase. OF COURSE, I took this a sign to shop. I debated over a pull over sweater like this:

I decided against it because I have a blue and grey one that is very similar. Also, I would not get as much wear out of this as I would a cardigan. Florida weather lends itself to necessary layering. I looked at the cardigans and picked up this cute sweater:

I held this sweater in my hands for a good ten minutes. I stood in the middle of the clothing section and tried to think of ways I was going to incorporate this into my existing wardrobe. I could only think of one pairing! Then I thought, "If I bought a black dress..." That's when I stopped. If I have to buy something to make something else work, it's probably not the best buy at this time. I already have enough stuff I'm trying to incorporate. But I did end up getting this:

I can think of at least 4 ways to wear this (jeans, navy dress, navy chinos, pattern mixed with striped skirt)! Off to Polyvore I go!

Anyone else have tips on stopping impulse purchases?


  1. I'm learning to embrace the buy and return :) I often grab things when I have the boys and try them on when I get home. But after cleaning out my closet I do have a definite list that I'm working with. I'm open to impulse sale buys, but I am more mindful of them on my new budget system!

  2. I need to do this... try to figure out what I have in my wardrobe already that I can work it with, etc.

    I think it's part of my biggest problems!!!

  3. I do what Amy does-buy and return. I try not to impulse buy at all but if I do I just return!

    And I am working on only buying what goes with what I already have!

  4. oh my, I want that houndstooth cardigan!