Friday, October 12, 2012

Mixing it Up

I shared that I had purchased an orange dotted cardigan from Target. I mentioned that I had thought of 4 different ways to style the cardigan, as part of my purchasing "rationale". I hopped on Polyvore and came up with the below looks.

Orange Cardigan 4 Ways

Then I realized that all my outfits were orange and navy! I guess it does make it easier to style something new when it fits into your favorite color combination!

So I went to Twitter and asked what colors BESIDES navy, white, black and khaki would go with orange. The responses I received included purple, maroon, hot pink/magenta, teal, grey, varying shades of blue, brown, and olive. I have to say, my Twitter friends are awesome! I loved these recommendations and went back to Polyvore to put more looks together.

Orange Cardi: Twitter Style

True to my exercise, I used only what I had in my closet. I don't have a lot of pink, teal etc that is appropriate for the fall season. I would love to add another pair of colored denim to my wardrobe, but I'm resisting!


  1. Teal is my favorite to go with orange, other than navy! :) I almost wore orange with my navy today, but being that it's football season, um, no! LOL

  2. ooops signed in with the wrong email. That was me above!

  3. I just bought a mustard-colored cardigan, and need to figure what other than navy I can wear it with! Love these outfits!