Friday, October 5, 2012

How I Met Your Mother

When Jeff and I first met as work buddies in 2005, he told me about this new show, How I Met Your Mother. I was living in Chicago at the time and he was in Florida. It was the show's first season. Lily and Marshall were not yet married. Ted was with Robin. Barney was Barney. 

At the end of season 6 (Spring 2011), Lily reveals that she is pregnant and spends Season 7 pregnant. It was pretty funny to us. We found out we were expecting in November, so "Lily" and I were pregnant together. 

Season 8 premiered a few weeks ago and showed a sleep deprived Marshall and Lily with their newborn son, Martin. Again, funny as we were the sleep deprived ones just a month prior. Also, I was yelling at the TV that they needed to swaddle Baby Martin!

It has been fun having this show to share with each other through the life of our relationship. Seven years goes by quickly!

I think this should be the last season. I'm ready to see who is the mother! Anyone else watching?


  1. I love HIMYM but its just gotten stale. Show us the mother already! At this point I don't care!

  2. This is how I was with Bones... at the beginning of my pregnancy, Angela was pregnant and then Bones became pregnant. It was wild to go through it with a tv character! LOL