Sunday, May 2, 2010

Surviving Summer

J and I live in Florida so for us, Summer is starting now! This week, we will be in the 80's all week. Soon enough, the 90's will greet us and there will be no reprieve until October. Sigh.

Anyways, a 5 month oppressive Summer lends itself to becoming knowledgeable about staying cool. Here are J and my tips on staying cool:

(1) Water, water and more water--We both drink a ton of water. It's hard not to when you are always sweating! It's good for you and will help keep you cool. Making water fun to drink helps so we use the Nalgenes below when we are out of the house (mine is the green one; J's is the blue one). While home, I drink out of the Tervis Starfish Tumbler. J doesn't have the Terps Tervis yet, but he will soon. He's a Terp alum, by the way. He currently drinks his water out of a set of Nantucket Whale Acrylic Tumblers from Homegoods.

(2) Baby Powder-- This is strictly my tip. I haven't quite gotten J on the baby powder bandwagon yet! I use baby powder on my legs and arms to help absorb the perspiration (sounds better than sweat, huh). Nothing is ickier than standing outside, wearing a skirt, with sweat dripping down your legs!! Trust me, the baby powder works!

(3) Cool to lukewarm showers--As soon as you step outside, you start to perspire. The humidity in the South is nothing to mess with! Taking a cool to lukewarm shower will help to not make you unnecessarily hot.

(4) A trifeca of cooling: I am a hot sleeper--I need a fan blowing on me in order to get to sleep. We have the below Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan in both the bedroom and living room. We also have a ceiling fan in the bedroom. And yes, we do have central air! This trifeca is critical!

(5) Sunglasses -- I am not responsible enough to own nice sunglasses. I buy my sunglasses at Ross! J is much better. The aviators shown below are what he wears. The other glasses are not exactly my sunglasses, but close. The sun is brutal in Florida, so suffice to say, sunglasses are a must.

(6) Go sailing -- We do not have a boat. However one of our close friends does! It feels a good 10 degrees cooler when we are out on the boat. Also, it helps that we can sail to a bar that offers delectable, tropical beverages like Goombay Smashes!

Any other tips to survive a hot summer? Please share!

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