Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursdays are for laughing

Sorry gals, you only get my pic today! So glad Friday is right around the corner. Laughing caused by the NBC shows is a good way to bring in Friday.

Dress: Ann Taylor outlet
Cardigan: Bealls
Necklace: Tiger's Eye, Premier
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

So remember when I said I was looking for shoes so I didn't have to wear my tan wedges every day? I ordered these shoes from Naturalizer's website on Tuesday.

Shocking that I picked out shoes with higher than a 2 inch heel. Like my blogging friend Lola, I prefer flats. However I think these shoes, being they are Naturalizers, will be more comfortable. I hope I am right!

Then I went to TJ Maxx on Wednesday, with no particular agenda in mind (rarely do I have a clue when I walk in there!). My favorite section is the shoe clearance section. Lo and behold, these Jessica Simpson shoes were on clearance!

I am excited to shake up my look with these new shoes!


  1. Love those Jessica Simpson shoes! I've tried on (but not bought) several pairs of her shoes - they're really comfortable, and I like the style ...Wasn't expecting that from Ms. Simpson!

  2. Love your look today. Enjoy your new shoes!

  3. I wear tan wedges ALL the time. There's nothing wrong with that. ;)

    Love your dress! too cute!

  4. @Lola--I was pleasantly surprised by JS shoes too!

    @Cynthia -- Thank you!

    @Andie --I love my tan wedges but I was wearing them out too fast!!!

  5. I have two pairs of tan wedges! I love your color combo here.

    Thursday night NBC shows rock. Parks & Rec - great season finale! Rob Lowe's character is really cracking me up. Disappointed about the end of Community, though - they really went THERE? Gonna watch The Office and 30 Rock this evening, thanks goodness for TiFaux.