Sunday, May 23, 2010

This weekend

It got too crazy to take a picture of Friday's outfit so I did a little Polyvore set to show what I wore!

On Saturday, J golfed with his dad. I had bagels and gossip with my other husband, N. Afterwards, I visited my parents and harvested veggies from their garden! I love this time of year. I got eggplant, jalapenos, broccoli, and herbs. From my uncle (he lives a few houses away), I got zucchini and sweet plums! Those goodies plus a visit to our local farmers market makes up our eats for this coming week!

I wore pretty much the same outfit from Mother's Day, except I wore my new Anchor flip flops, which were purchased last weekend.

Instead of a Saturday outfit pic, I'm including a pic of some of the awesome food J cooked for dinner last night!

From the top: Homemade BBQ sauce, Heirloom tomatoes (from Twinn Bridges farm) and onion salad, pork ribs (from Cognito Farms and broccoli from my parents' garden!

As far as Sunday is concerned, it is eventful for pretty much everyone but me, since the Lost finale is tonight! J will be watching with friends. I don't watch so I'll be spending a quiet night at home!

Happy Sunday :)

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